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Your inspirations and our creativity together form HOMI , we help you design your home in a way that brings you peace, calm, joy, and happiness with satisfaction. 

Welcome to HomeInteriorIdeaz.com!

HOMI is a website that is dedicated to collecting the best ideas, styles, and objects to help you design the home that you desire.

HOMI publishes articles to provide inspiration and information on topics such as different home styles, outdoor decor, DIY decor, storage and organization tips and ideas, gaming rooms, small offices, compact rooms, and stylish accessories and furnishings available in stores

What is this site for?

This website is for people who are obsessed with the idea to change/owning a place with perfectly fitted decor and who like to keep things organized while valuing beauty and harmony in their homes. Also for those who like to decorate whenever a new season, a special holiday, or a party is approaching.

Who are we and what do we want?

Homi is a group of architects, home designers, and editors working in different regions, experiencing different conditions and bringing a solution for everything.

Team members of HOMI love to get inspired, seal the ideas in the form of photos, and explore the latest home trends and popular beautiful accessories. We can’t stop thinking about how to make your home more comfortable and tidy which pushes us to always be focused on our next project. We believe in teamwork and are confident that if we work with love, care, and professionalism, others will feel this energy as well.

Our goal is to provide as many ideas and assistance as possible so that people can create homes they want to come back to again and again.

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Meet our Team

We are passionate about design

Austin Fisk

CEO, Architect

Amala Yanina

Interior Designer

Alina Shaikh

Writer & Digital creator