Beach Themed Living Room On A Budget

A beach  living room on a budget is possible by focusing on the right design elements – there’s no place more relaxing than a seaside living room. Even if you don’t have a beach view budget, beach front style is OK! Here are some design pro tips on how to take a beach vacation on a budget and create an environment that reminds you of the coast any time of the year. 

Let’s Start From The Ground Up With A Beachy Style. 

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Choose a large sisal or jute rug for a natural beach feel. Rugs made from these fibres are much less expensive than their wool or nylon cousins, and you can get a rug big enough to fill your space even on a budget. The great thing about these natural rugs is that they are not only beautiful, they are also durable, great for families and  easy to clean. A sisal rug in warm sand tones perfectly sets the scene for a beautiful beach living space. If sisal or jute isn’t your thing,  you can get  creative with a little DIY and paint your floor coverings. All you need is canvas (a cheap drop cloth works best), paint, and a good quality water-based polyurethane to create a beautiful floor cloth that will withstand years of wear and tear. The biggest advantage of this perfect budget  rug is that there are no design restrictions, you can choose your colour and create your design freehand or stencil. You can get a little creative and use off-the-shelf materials available at home

improvement stores to get a custom-made rug that sets the tone for your beachfront living room. 

Beach Color Palette Living Room

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paint is one of the most affordable ways to liven up a room. It can be used on walls, furniture and even carpets in the living room. Blue and white are staples for beach-themed living rooms. But beyond the blues and whites, think of the greyish greens of weathered wood, the bright amber of seagrass, the off-whites of  sandy beaches, or the lush greens of kelp forests gently swaying  in the ocean. Take a walk around the beach or look at photos of beaches  around the world and get inspired by the colours of nature. To keep things light and bright, keep the wall tones soft, especially if the room is small. Speaking of light and bright, what makes the beach house really  special is the fact that it has large windows that let in natural light and make the most of the beach view. Keep your window coverings bright and airy and take advantage of all the natural light  you get. Large mirrors help guide light throughout the room, creating the illusion of having more windows.Also, make sure the space has enough lamps and good overhead lighting. .

Living Room Jewels 

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Home jewels, accessories can overwhelm your budget if you’re not careful. And it’s so easy to get caught up in everything. THE. thing! The best way to stick to your budget is to plan ahead for what you want. If you decide to create a beach-themed living room, start with your favourite visual composition: dream boards, Pinterest boards, and notebooks. Start collecting photos of items  you love and stay within your budget. Choose a statement piece and some accents. If you want your space to look professionally designed, remember this rule of thumb: quality over quantity. That doesn’t mean  you have to choose expensive items, but filling a space with multiple cheap items can make it  look messy.His finds, like  sea glass and driftwood, are  great for budgets. A great and easy solution. Three inexpensive glass jars of different sizes, one filled with long sticks of driftwood and one filled with sea glass, look fantastic on a bookshelf and fill the entire room with beachy jars. Keep gazing around the room, carrying the theme. A cute wooden bowl found at a flea market or a funky thrift store filled with seashells would be a perfect addition to his coffee table.

Beach Style Living Room Furniture  

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Sometimes you don’t want to go shopping for new furniture. The beach vibe  you want is alive and weathered. Soft and comfortable to wear. If you don’t like DIY furniture reupholstery, check out slipcovers. A light denim or chambray slipcover in  light sky blue will immediately give you a beach house vibe. It is soft to the touch and gets softer the more you wash it. Speaking of laundry, this is where slipcovers really become budget companions. Many of them are washable!It doesn’t matter if your sleepy tween has a friend and she spills her rainbow unicorn milkshake on the couch. Simply tuck this slipcover into the laundry to give a clear signal that next time it’s your friends’ turn to host a sleepover.Unbleached muslin is the perfect colour for a beach-themed living room. is. Reminiscent of oats, soft, creamy white muslin is inexpensive, durable, easy to clean and comfortable. If you prefer to sew your own, muslin is one of the cheapest fabrics available and can be easily found at any sewing or craft store. Dress up your sofa or chair with handmade cushions or affordable cushions purchased from  big box stores. wood, wood, wood. When we think of beaches, not just water, we always think of trees. Weathered cedar planks, driftwood,  painted  old boat hulls, salt-worn wooden panels, teak boats,  wooden treasure chests. Incorporate this wood into your living room to complete your beach  living room. 

Scheuerhof Solid wood furniture sales and thrift shop. Paint it white and sand it down for a worn look, or remove dirt to leave it natural and let it develop a patina over time for a classic, shabby, beach chic look. Or, paint it a bright, glossy white for an updated, modern beach vibe. There are several furniture hack websites with great DIY tutorials on how to hack new cheap furniture from big department stores to make it look like a weathered beach.

Beach Themed Living Room Final Words 

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When it comes to beach designs, bright blues and whites can represent the ocean, sandy tones, blues and greens can be natural, or navy blues, eggshells, and bright reds can be modern. No matter what your beach style is, you can get a beautiful beach-themed living room at an affordable price. With a little  time, creativity and thinking, you can solve the budget-squeezing design dilemma and have the seaside living room of your dreams.

Stack comfy linen or linen floor pillows that can easily be made with inexpensive pillow moulds, a few yards of fabric, and acrylic paint for a great beachy design.

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