20+ Living Room Decorating Ideas You’ll Want To Steal ASAP

The most used room of the house is? : LIVING ROOM right!. In other words, it should not only  look good, but it should also  be functional and comfortable. Achieving that triple win can definitely be a design challenge,  so we’ve rounded up the best living room examples to inspire your decorating projects and simplify the process. From  spaces to intimate and rustic settings, here are living room ideas you’ll want to bring home. Read on for 65 stylish designer living room tips, ideas, and shopping suggestions for rooms of all sizes to answer questions like, “What colour will make my living room bigger?” 

Do you like looking at designer spaces for inspiration?  Let’s go crazy together. 

 1. Know Where You Are 

Know Where You Are 

Before you start decorating your living room, keep track of where you are. (For example, if you live in a casual beach house, your design will be very different from that of an urban industrial loft.) In this beach house from Arent & Pyke, the design team created the tropical feel of a beach house. is focused on. Through fun motifs and casual materials. It still retains an elegant look with fresh upholstery, beautiful artwork, and thoughtful layouts. That said, if you’re a fan of kitsch and have always wanted to have some island time, add that touch with statement pieces like a wicker chair with vintage Hawaiian prints. please give me.

 2. Choose Wallpaper That Catches The Eye 

Choose Wallpaper That Catches The Eye
Image Source: ROLAND BELLO

Wallpaper is one of those trends that  keeps  giving and giving. With a choice of classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you can do almost anything  as styles change throughout the year. This modern self-portrait by Chuck Close contrasts with the chinoiserie wallpaper  behind  this Miles Redd-designed house (Eastern Eden at Ixelles). The contrast doesn’t stop there. Red continued to challenge design conventions by incorporating contrasting jewel tones and combining modern furniture styles with antique pieces.Believe it or not, lime is the colour of his green. The chairs are from IKEA. Proof that even the best designers love it.

3. Bring Fun To The Floor 

Bring Fun To The Floor 
Image Source: LAURE JOLIET

If you have stark white walls and neutral brackets, like a sofa or coffee table, choose a statement piece that injects a burst of colourful energy. It can be anything from a vibrant piece of art on the wall to this bright rug in the living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

4. Branch From Neutral Colors 

Branch From Neutral Colors 

Designed by Redmond Aldrich Design, this living room is uniquely eclectic, colorful and understated, approachable and striking at the same time. That’s thanks to quirky and eclectic frame combinations, light wood-paneled walls, classic rugs, and unexpectedly colorful sofas. If so, consider trying the new neutrals dusty pink, forest green, or navy blue. 

5. Make It Happy 

Make It Happy 

From  playful cushions and ottomans to  elegant gold mirrors and aqua walls, this  Anna Spiro Design room is perfect for a low-key evening or a more formal get-together. And  yellow lamps with pleats will make the living room bright and cozy.

 6. Keep It Classic And Fresh 

Keep It Classic And Fresh
Image Source: KEVIN DUMAIS

A clean, frosted white living room is perfect, elegant and timeless. Adding glass and metal features sharpens  the white areas. Sherwin-Williams Pure White is perfect for  when you don’t  want to try trends anymore.

7. Go Wild With Fun Fabrics 

Go Wild With Fun Fabrics

Designed by Montreal-based Les Ensembliers, this eclectic living room calls for  unique layouts and wild uses of fabrics. The sofas are all angled to break up the monotony of the classic, symmetrical living room, and all the delightfully plush fabrics warm  the open, airy space. Aesthetically, it’s refreshing and unique, bringing an unpretentious and fun energy to your formal living room, inspiring creativity and entertaining your guests. From elegant floor cushions to bold artwork, no detail is overlooked. To make the room feel softer and more  intimate, Dumet covered the walls with leather fabric, a continuous design (creating her thread) that adds  unexpected personality. Furnishings in warm tones provide a nice contrast. 

8. Bring in Indoor Trees and Plants 

Bring in Indoor Trees and Plants

Brighten up your vacant lot with large indoor plants and trees. Atelier ND and Carice Van Houten used different styles to create visual intrigues of varying heights and shapes. Really refreshing the rich gemstones and earth tones. 

9. Restoration Of Existing Trim 

Restoration Of Existing Trim 
Image Source: PAUL RAESIDE

  Restored wood  in this Boston Colonial Revival To complement her accents, designer Cecilia Casagrande used a deep rich teal her color, Farrow & Ball’s The Hague Her Blue Did. She then played more with the juxtaposition of old and new design trends, mixing contemporary and more traditional elements.

10. Take a Chance 

Take a Chance

Instead of focusing solely on the walls of this large San Francisco living room, designer Catherine Kwon has incorporated abstract art into the floor. These floors, with broad white brushstrokes in blackened hardwood, contrast beautifully with neoclassical ceilings and antique mirrors above fireplaces. The key to combining all these different design aesthetics is staying within the same grayscale color scheme. Pro-tip: Wall lights always add that finishing touch that makes a difference in a subtle way. 

11. Relaxing 


  The clean lines of this Robson-Lak-designed Living He room make a small but big difference. From the white-panelled walls to the black-panelled windows to the modern, angular  plush sofas, the linear motifs are very pleasing to the eye.And the green nesting tables provide a rounded contrast without conflict. I like the way it is created. If you want a similarly understated aesthetic, opt for bright colours and modern, understated furniture. Then add some contemporary décor to give it some personality. Also bonus points if the living room has plenty of  natural light. 

12. Shrink It Down 

Shrink It Down

Do you live in a small space? Opt for a sofa instead of a loveseat, or opt for a buildable stacking table instead of getting a bulky coffee table. You will be amazed at how much space this can save. Instead of spending a fortune on framing, you can hang your favourite artwork as-is. Effortless elegance can be  beautiful. 

 13. Make Things A Little More Interesting

Make Things A Little More Interesting
Image Source: PAUL RAESIDE

By contrasting sofas and chairs with unexpected colour combinations. Designed by Andrew Fletcher, this breezy and quirky living room has a little bit of everything from jewel tones and tropical prints to classic preschool patterns, rustic touches and traditional accents.

14. Do Double Duty 

Do Double Duty
Image Source: STUDIO DB

If your formal living room is also your family room,  it should be very comfortable and presentable. A super soft piece with plenty of room to spread out for movie night is a must, but choose something that  looks elegant. Then add even more fun and eye-catching lighting, like  this room designed by Studio DB.

15. Painting The Walls A New Colour 

Painting The Walls A New Colour 
Image Source: 2LG STUDIO

“Here I used a soft pink  as a neutral base that connects all the other elements throughout the space,” he says of his duo designing for 2LG Studio. . “We designed custom plywood fittings throughout to unify the space and create much-needed storage,” they add. If you’re tired of gleaming white walls, try softer colors that act as a neutral, evocative background. 

16. Playing with Shapes and Colors 

Playing with Shapes and Colours

When it comes to wall decor and art, the more prominent, the bigger the statement. A good way to change things up is to choose pieces that don’t fit into a rectangular or square frame. I also love the colourful Coffee His table and Ombre His rug that add a touch of fun to this Living His room designed by Studio DB.

17. Add Candles 

Add Candles 

Can you imagine how beautiful this room would look in candlelight? For a rustic feel, choose a chandelier with candles instead of light bulbs. Or, if you can’t do that, set it up on your mantelpiece and light it up if you want to create a romantic mood. (use a flameless candle for safety).

18. Less is More 

Less is More 

A subtle palette means you can focus on great interior design and dramatic statement pieces. Who says minimalists are afraid of color? Just pick a hue and a few handpicked must-haves, like  this contemporary blue living room designed by Robson Lack. From the marble side tables to the bubble pendant lights to the rounded sofas, muted tones and bulbous shapes  make it feel like a  living room. 

19. Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Looking good but  uncomfortable? Not worth the sweet factor. Plus, here’s conclusive proof that rocking chairs can be ultra-chic. The camel leather contrasts perfectly with the cream colored walls and gives the reclaimed wood court a rustic old world feel.

20. Extend Ceiling 

Extend Ceiling 

Combine neutral gray walls with sleek modern furnishings and lighting. It looks chic instead of outdated. The velvet cushions also add a beautiful iridescent sheen. Also, pro tip: hang  curtains at the top of the wall to make the ceiling look taller.

classic rugs, and unexpectedly colorful sofas. If so, consider trying the new neutrals dusty pink, forest green, or navy blue. 

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