24+ Beautiful and Functional Small Laundry Room Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Give it the love and care it deserves with the right beautification furniture and layout instead of retrofitting the laundry room, the hardest place to work in the house. Finally, when the kitchen is the heart of the home, The laundry room is the kidney (admittedly not the sexiest analogy,  but neither sorts dirty laundry, so stay with us here). And it doesn’t have to be huge, so don’t worry if your home isn’t blessed with enough space to wash and fold your clothes. Our organization and storage tips will help you get the most out of what you have. Beyond functionality, we also include many decorating ideas. Because, regardless of size, your laundry room deserves design love. Besides, laundry day is tough enough. You can even do all your washing and drying in one stylish space. Get inspired by over 50 small laundry rooms straight from our favorite designers. 

 I love finding new design tricks.  us too. Let’s share the best of them. 

1) Invest in Smart Tech


By Stephanie Sabbe of House Beautiful’s Whole Home project, this marigold yellow function room features a laundry corner with a single LG washer-dryer. All controls for both the washer and dryer are at eye level and easily accessible, making household chores quicker.

2) Place The Machine Behind a Barn Door 

Image Source: ERIN KELLY

A crisp white barn door contrasts with  cream hardware for a casually stylish effect in this shabby chic laundry room by Leanne Ford Interiors. blends in stylishly. 

3) Offers Both Vistas And Privacy 


Beautiful blue paisley  wallpaper complements the laundry room and adjoining living room. A perfect transition piece between spaces. Designed by Anna Spiro. Roman blinds and blue ticking stripes on the  tile floor make the utility room clean enough to reveal through the inner glass door – but if you decide to close it, the glass is  for privacy. Lined with matching tick-striped fabric curtains. 

 4) Choose Materials Wisely He 


 Tile floors are easy to clean (no doubt they make life easier in the laundry room), but they also have the ability to inject style and personality. Heidi Caillier placed an angular chocolate brown and white pattern that speaks to the beautiful marble veining of the countertop.

5) Consider Location 

Image Source: Pinterest

Candy-colored pendants, pretty plaid café curtains, and pretty wallpaper (including  blue flower wallpaper reflected in the mirror!)  make this Anna Spiro laundry room  so pretty, but with practical elements. The room is next to the patio, which is handy for air-drying freshly laundered linens. Brick floors are very durable and age beautifully, so residents don’t have to be valuables. 

6) Hang A Clothes Rack Over the sink

Image Source: Emily Henderson

In a small laundry room, you want to keep surfaces clean, so you’ll need to make use of the walls and ceiling as well. The hanging drying rack designed by Sarah Solis is out of the way. (I love this one from deVOL Kitchens!) Plus, the nicely painted cabinets draw attention away from less attractive machines. 

7) Sharing Closet Space 

Image Source: TRIA GIOVAN

Designer David Kaihoi uses some very smart storage solutions to make his New York  apartment feel like home. I created this compact laundry room in my closet. That way, when you’re not doing laundry, you can close the door on your obtrusive device.

8) Buy In Bulk 

Image Source: PAIGE RUMORE

There are many lessons in this laundry room designed by April Tomlin Interiors, but perhaps the most important ones are displayed in this small corner. Detergents and cleaners are a must. So if you have the storage space, the money you save by buying in bulk (and a trip to the store)  is definitely worth it.

9) Lower Cabinet Gutter 

Image Source: MARK SIKES

Great pet friendly laundry room. Designer Emily Munro sourced Meyou Paris chic hood and water her bowl drawers and spherical bed. And instead of installing cabinets under the counter, she left space to store  old-fashioned clothing roll bins. 

10) Creative People

Image Source: THOMAS KUOH

From the rustic wallpaper to the framed artwork, the blue crown molding and the striped penny tile floors, it exudes character. And you don’t have to build custom-made cabinets and shelves to add folding surfaces. Just slide into the Lucite side chair! They take up virtually no visual space. 

11) Double The Load 

Image Source: Pinterest

If you have a large home or family, consider doubling the number of machines to gain time. In this totally preppy laundry room designed by Mark D. Sykes, many shades of blue distract from the extra appliances. 

12) Embrace Matching Finishes 


A Gil Schafer-designed laundry room in neutral tones exudes timeless English country style, from  exposed hinges and farmhouse sinks to  traditional flush mounts. Although not visible from the kitchen, the cabinetry mimics that of the kitchen, giving it a uniform look throughout the home. 

13) Separate With Sliding Doors 

Image Source: Pinterest

Sliding doors  help divide the laundry room into different rooms, allowing you to mentally switch between areas. In  this small sunny workspace designed by Barry Dixon, the extra square footage is repurposed as a floral arrangement room.

14) Make It Feel Special 

Image Source: Pinterest

Lauren Atkins spoke to designer April Tomlin about her design goals of renovating the family home she owned with her husband, Thomas Rhett, and their three children, Split. Told. “Their house inspired us to build homes for our family and friends,” she added. And that spirit has also been applied to the laundry room. Tomlin opted for a vintage-look sink with a vintage skirt and retro-inspired laundry cart. It’s these little details that make household chores  special and connected. After all, folding other people’s clothes is an act of love. 

 15) Compensates For Lacklustre Window Situations 

Image Source: Pinterest

Even without sorting and folding work stations in the window department, i.e. without or without a great view, you can still see great things. Here, Joy Cho lines the laundry room wall with a whimsical tile backsplash that makes completing a numbing chore much more enjoyable than  staring at a blank wall. 

16) Configure 

Image Source: JOY CHO

 Turn an unused powder room into a laundry room. Delicate café drapes, rustic sinks, and traditional lighting fixtures and mirrors designed by Heather Chadduck Hillegas create a space much higher than your average washroom.

17) Set Up Ironing Board Her 


 “Upstairs linens to save stairs There is a laundry room  near her closet and bedroom,” says interior designer Betty Lou Phillips. . “It makes sense that it’s there, but it’s not completely hidden, so it had to look good. A mangle, or rotary iron, is great for ironing everything from bed and table linens to jeans and t-shirts. 

18)Secure a Dry-Cleaning Drop-Off Zone


Help organise your laundry room. Between all the online ordering and foot traffic, a safe place for supplies and supplies (such as umbrellas) is more important than ever. The delivery closet on the porch of the 2018 Whole Home concept house also had a clothes rack  

19) Playing with Navy Waves  

Image Source: SETH SMOOT

Meanwhile, a 24-inch Bosch 800 Series washer and dryer is this It fits snugly into the narrow footprint of a San Francisco laundry room, leaving space for an overhead folding station.

 20) Hanging Cleaning Products On Hooks 


 Have a specific place to hang all  your cleaning products. This discreet hanging shelf is painted the same color as the wall so it blends in seamlessly.

21) Hiding Machines Behind Skirts 


Multi-purpose a small laundry room  (like a bar at a party) by hanging curtains over the washer and dryer, as Heather Bullard did here. I can do it.

22) Add Something Different 


Give your laundry room a makeover by decorating it with colorful scraps of fabric. At least hire an artist to paint and fake a tent, like Melissa Barbieri did here. 

23) Finishing Up In Between Packing 


Since the laundry room is visible from the family room,  I wanted it to be decorated without being overly decorated,” says Philip Gorrivan, her interior designer. increase. “I covered the walls with light blue Philip Jeffries grasscloth and the floor with Chilewich wall-to-wall mats for colour and texture.”  and works between charges. 

 24) Using Wallpaper 


Is the perfect wallpaper for small spaces like a closet converted into a laundry room. Designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, this one of his, with only space for stacked machines and laundry baskets, was brought to life with colourful wallpaper and cheerful pendants. “If you can’t stack it, stack it,” she says. 

 25) Experiment with Colours 


Stone tile is a smart flooring option for her laundry room, thanks to its durability and casual look. But what really sets this laundry room by Heidi Caillier apart are the delightful marigold colours and warm brass recessed lights. If you’re lucky enough to have a laundry room, why not have some fun there and experiment with  new paint colours? A great way to test out new shades before committing to a larger, more guest-heavy space.

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