27 Easy Home Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Transform Your Space

If your home needs a design update but you’re on a tight budget and don’t have much time, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with 27 home decor ideas to get you started. Simple things like accent walls, brightly colored light bulbs, new pillowcases (or other home décor ideas if that’s not to your liking) keep the whole space fresh, on-trend, and timeless. It feels transcendent. and sophisticated. These decorating ideas he can tackle in a day, even for results that seem to have taken him a long time to complete.

 1) Play With Proportions

Play With Proportions

This exquisite living room plays with form and scale in many ways. Each design detail offers a universe of inspiration. Hang an oversized mirror to add impact and proportionate charm. Keep it simple and elegant, go for cool shapes and colours, or keep it antique and classic.

2) Show Off Your Collection

Show Off Your Collection

If you’ve been collecting for a long time and don’t know where to put your odds and ends, just set up floating shelves in your dream room and then place them. We love the nostalgic feel these vintage glass bottles bring to your bedroom.

3) Screw In Colourful Light Bulbs

Screw In Colourful Light Bulbs

For an unexpected (and easy) pop of colour, replace the classic bulbs with brighter bulbs. Adds the same vibe as a neon sign without taking up wall space. Decorating moments are precious, try it in hallways or entryways where real estate is limited.

4) Update Your Bedding Seasonally

Update Your Bedding Seasonally

Home design expert and Stearns & Foster brand ambassador Jonathan Scott recommends owning two sets of sheets and duvets so he can change them each season. “In winter, we need warm and comfortable linens, such as faux fur and thick blankets,” he says. I feel the idea of a knitted blanket isn’t too bad, it’s not at all bad too. It can be there for the presentation too. It’s such a beautiful fashion all tho you might have to make sure that it works well with the theme.

5) Build a Statement Wall

Build a Statement Wall

You can decorate a whole wall as per the theme you are going for, as a reference, we have attached an image where a wall is decorated in plates ( blue ombre effect ) to match up with the theme. It’s very uncommon but a brilliant idea. No one can easily guess that and it provides such a classic look to the house.

6) Add Cosy Textiles

Add Cosy Textiles

Printed colourful textiles make your personality stand out. And as if the colourful rug and sophisticated lamps weren’t enough, this bedroom also has hanging lamps that are truly swooning. It helps fix the space.

7) Hang Colorful Curtains

Hang Colourful Curtains
Image Source: JULIAN WASS

 Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber chose curtains instead of doors for the entry hall of this Pennsylvania farmhouse. The dark yellow fabric contrasts with the royal blue wall color and adds rich texture to the room. 

8) Don’t be Afraid of Black Paint

Don't be Afraid of Black Paint
Image Source: FARROW & BALL

The soft black colour in this bedroom gives it a special and intimate feel that can never be achieved with lighter shades (that particular shade is Farrow & Ball Railings). Versatile furnishings work well in the dark, adding a more residential and homely feel.

9) Take Care Of Your Windows

Take Care Of Your Windows

Adding proper window handling makes all the difference. We especially like the fun patterned Roman shades. “Although it contradicts Decor 101, small patterns used together can be a feast for the eye,” says interior designer Christine Panich, who designed this dreamy pink bedroom cloud. increase. 

10) Redesign Your Bookshelf

Redesign Your Bookshelf
Image Source: FIONA LYNCH

From inky stained wood to contemporary side chairs and straight ladders, this home library designed by Fiona Lynch is a beautiful contemporary take on traditional design. You can fill it with books, or you can add decorative accents and accessories like vases and sculptures to break up the monotony of your book wall. please. Not only does it add cohesiveness, but having lots of bright colours in your collection makes them stand out even more.

11) Beautify Your Entryway

Beautify Your Entryway
Image Source: PAUL RAESIDE

If you don’t have a large foyer, or if you do have one but need some attachment, introduce a small console table. For a formal yet modern aesthetic, opt for a traditional table and hang contemporary abstract art on top. Then prop the portrait against the wall for comfort

12) Bring a Stool Into The Bathroom

Bring a Stool Into The Bathroom

Push the stool next to the bathtub. Not only does the extra surface help with organisation, it’s a great way to add a touch of class to an entire space.Pick up a gallery wall.

13) Show Your Powder Room Some Love

 Show Your Powder Room Some Love

Very small rooms are often overlooked. This is mainly because there is not enough space available for decoration. But showing love to those corners is possible and worthwhile. Take this powder room, for example. The small space, which surrounds a gallery of pale pink walls and eclectic artwork, packs a lot of punch.

14) Install The Canopy

Install The Canopy

Add a canopy if you want to turn your bedroom into a royal palace. This white gauze hangs very beautifully and adds an elegant look to the minimalist bedroom.

15) Get Inspired By Nature

Get Inspired By Nature

This space is rich in textures that create warmth and three-dimensionality. Despite sticking to a strict colour palette, there’s plenty of character too. For an equally cosy and grounded environment, find inspiration in nature. Think seaweed, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, and marble. 

16) Reupholster The Furniture

 Reupholster The Furniture

Reupholstering automatically refreshes the entire room. If you like eclectic decor, take notes from this immaculate living room. This whole spatial juxtaposition works very well. Angular mirrors, bright orange art, a marble fireplace, rustic stools, and geometric ceramics are all unexpectedly complemented by the softness of pink chairs.

17) Just Clean Up

Just Clean Up

I don’t think tidying up is fun, so that’s probably not what you want to hear, but adding a few elements to help you organise can change the world. Consider bringing a coat rack. Then put a small folding chair underneath so you can sit when you take off your shoes. This prevents the dreaded (and previously unavoidable) pile of clothing.

18) Colour Block The Walls

Colour Block The Walls

Walls can be covered with colour to represent graphics. Half of it he paints in one solid colour or chooses two neutral tones. Here, black creeps into about a quarter of the total, and the rest is a nice shade of steel grey, creating a subtle yet unique statement. 19) Repair the wall, Freshen up your bathroom by painting the walls with white paint. If that sounds too picky, use the magic eraser to fix the smudges. Bright and breezy, it’s the perfect backdrop for a fun gallery, as seen in this bathroom designed by Alexander M. Reid.

19) Layered Carpets And Patterns

Layered Carpets And Patterns

Designed by Sean Scherer, this eclectic home is a treasure trove of antiques, whimsical fabrics and fearless decor. It’s also a layering masterclass. He has three rugs, so why does he only use one? Layer rugs in different colours, patterns and textures to add visual interest to your floor.

20) Rethink Gallery Walls

Rethink Gallery Walls

 If your hallway walls are tired or dull, add a gallery wall. Bring in an antique frame, or head to a thrift store or flea market to stock your gallery wall with a handful of hand mirrors.

21) Introduce a New Blanket

Introduce a New Blanket
Image Source: ROBSON RAK

 Placing a colourful throw blanket at the head of your bed or on top of your sofa is a simple yet novel design trick. It’s also a great way to experiment with colours and prints before making a full decision.

22) Choose Statement Art

Choose Statement Art

 Make a blank wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. Make a real statement by choosing a large format photo or something abstract and vibrant. 

23) Install new lights

Install new lights
Image Source: STUDIO ASHBY

If there’s one thing that one person can polish a room with, it’s the light fixture. Case Study? Pendant lamp made of brass. It has a far more refined and sophisticated feel than a table lamp and contrasts with the traditional elements throughout the bedroom.

24) Paint The Floor

Paint The Floor
Image Source: THOMAS LOOF

Can you imagine how simple this bathroom must have been before it had light blue floors? A quick change makes the tub the starring role. We want to immerse ourselves in it all day long.

25) Place a Bold Floor Lamp In The Corner

Place a Bold Floor Lamp In The Corner
Image Source: STUDIO DB

This little corner looks elegant, stylish, and perfectly flattering thanks to the modern leather lounger and graphic rug. But this floor-to-ceiling lamp is an architectural eye-catcher and really Adds an element of wow. Look for floor lamps that act as works of art for a similar vibe. 

26) Introduce Contrast

Introduce Contrast

To create an interesting contrast, replace one of the otherwise completely traditional rooms with something very modern, like this geometric coffee table and abstract painted floor.

27) Add a Bench At The End Of The Bed

Add a Bench At The End Of The Bed

No footboard required. Banks do the same. Use it to secure your bed, sit and put on your shoes, or store extra pillows and blankets.

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