23 Beautiful Ceramic Vases To Spice Up Any Surface

Ceramic vases have endless decorative possibilities. Adorn any surface with these versatile accents like small sculptures, or fill them with your favorite fresh cuttings straight from the garden. Vases can be used to fill empty alcoves in a bookshelf, grouped together in a small accent table, or used to add a personal touch to a desk or counter. I’ve collected my favorites in this compilation. These ceramic vases range from bold sculptural creations by today’s most revered designers to budget-friendly options that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. 

1) Viral Donut Vase

The donut-shaped vase, which has gone viral on the internet, offers a fun way to make a bright, airy and bold decorative impression.This ceramic vase measures just over 7 inches wide and has a soft matte white exterior. Finishing. For storing cuttings such as popular pampas grass and favourite artificial flowers.

2) Abstract Small White Ceramic Vase

 This twisted ceramic vase makes a fun statement while remaining chic and minimal. This piece is just over 5 inches tall and just over 7 inches long, making it perfect for compact placement on shelves, desks, and more. Use in conjunction with dried flower cuttings.

3) Dora Maar Ceramic Face Vase

 This surreal vase by Jonathan Adler is inspired by the great Dora his Mar, the prolific and creative Pablo Picasso who was considered Pablo Picasso’s muse. The sculptural relief of the face is repeated all around the perimeter of the vase, making this piece look great from any angle.

4) A Small Ceramic Vase In The Shape Of A Rabbit

 Looking for something fun? This quirky little vase is shaped like a little white rabbit, with ears that serve as a place for cuttings and flowers. At just over 4 inches in diameter, this piece’s compact size makes it ideal for placement on desks, tabletops, and more.

5) Ice White Ceramic Bud Vase

 His playful I-Scream vase is an iconic design by Jonathan Adler. The pedestal is shaped like a hand holding an ice cream, and the inside is finished in a shiny gold that drips down the sides like melted ice cream. Her compact size makes it ideal for smaller buds than full stems.

6) Bronze Metallic Ceramic Vase

 A bronze-coloured glaze gives this shapely vase a shimmering metallic look, despite its ceramic construction. The interior is fully glazed to retain water – feel free to use this exciting creation with fresh cuttings and bouquets.

7) Seletti Hybrid European And Chinese Ceramic Vases

East and West meet in Seletti’s hybrid vase collection by her CtrlZak. Each piece is optically split in the middle and each side comes from a different classic ceramic heritage. These collectible designs are crafted from bone china with gold plated details.

8) White And Red Handmade Ceramic Vase

These charming ceramic vases are adorned with dimensional colour accents and are eye-catching from every angle. The set features a desert-inspired colour palette that’s perfect for decorating themes from Bohemian chic to Southwestern and beyond.

 9) A Blue Ceramic Vase Made From A Crumpled Paper Bag

 Disappointing in every setting, this creative vase features a sculptural aesthetic that looks like a paper bag hanging softly. This piece is just over 9 inches tall and is available in blue, metallic silver, or glossy white.

10) Love Pink Ceramic Vase Set

Create uplifting floral arrangements to spell out the word love with this charming set of 4 vases, each shaped like a letter. This set is finished in silky pink. Keep the set as a thoughtful gift or for yourself.

11) Marble Ceramic Donut Vase

Sculpted from slightly marbled ceramic, each Salamat Waves vase is a unique work of art that cannot be reproduced exactly. Each piece measures just over 5 inches in each direction. These vases are not waterproof, so they are best suited for dry cuttings. This vase is also available in chrome.

12) Rustic Ceramic Vase With Grooves

The thick, shapely ceramic is finished with a rustic glaze that gives this collection of vases a warm, rustic feel. Choose from 5 different sizes. They can be combined to create playful compositions and whimsical tablescapes.

 13) Modern Grey Ceramic Bud Vase Set

 Deeply structured ribs trace the surface of these small vases from top to bottom, giving the surface a stone-like appearance. The rims have a glossy chrome finish for a metallic look. These small ceramic vases are for small flower cuttings or single buds.

14) Double-Sided Grey Ceramic Vase

 Designed by Light + Ladder, the Kala Vase features a unique geometric shape that attracts attention with its sculptural appeal. This vase is just over 12 inches tall with an opening diameter of just over 2 inches. Choose from white or anthracite colored surfaces.

15) Geometric Ceramic Floor Vase

 Embossed patterns create a captivating rhythm across the surface of Jamie Young’s large floor vase. Each vase has a cut-out handle for easy handling. Use it as a stand-alone accent or fill it with dry twigs or grass.

16) Regina Andrew Ceramic Bud Vase Set

 Regina Andrew showcases an easy-to-appreciate range with this set of her 8 different bud vases. Each is hand-cast and finished in earthy tones of blue and brown. Everyone is unique. Display these pieces together, separately, or give individual pieces as treasured gifts.

17) Large Black And Gray Ceramic Vase

 Ornate glaze makes this dramatic vase a charming accent that will catch the eye wherever you place it. This substantial accent measures just over 17 inches tall and works well with the large accent he tables throughout the house.

18) Textured Ceramic Vase With Black Pitcher

 The stylish Metropolitan vase collection is made of durable ceramic with a dimensional black matte reactive glaze. Each vase features a combination of curved and angled facets with a sloping neck fitted with a stylish curved handle. Choose from 3 sizes.

19) Textured Black Ceramic Vase

Black-glazed stoneware makes up this impressive collection of vases. This range comes in three sizes that look great when placed separately or in groups. These vases are handcrafted with natural variations and each waterproof.

 20) Large Textured Ceramic Vase

 Extra large vases like this are perfect for floor standing. These beautiful vases are crafted from durable stoneware with a highly textured finish, each with natural variations for a unique experience. These vases are waterproof to hold fresh flowers.

 21) Perforated Large Ceramic Vase

 Textured brushed ceramic gives this shapely vase a strong, organic look, while a perforated exterior keeps the heavy silhouette lightweight. It can be used as a stand-alone decorative accent, filled with dried twigs, or paired with glass vase inserts to hold fresh flowers.

22) White And Green Vintage Ceramic Vase

 A beautiful ivy chinoiserie gives these handcrafted terracotta vases a whimsical old world charm.Each one features subtle distressed details that add a touch of vintage to its antique charm. Please choose either the jug type or the column type, or use a combination of both.

23) Flower Embossed Antique White Ceramic Vase

 A weathered glaze gives this ceramic vase an attractive distressed look and accentuates the embossed floral pattern that covers the surface. This heavy 10 inch vase has low profile feet to keep surfaces safe.

 His playful I-Scream vase is an iconic design by Jonathan Adler. The pedestal is shaped like a hand holding an ice cream, and the inside is finished in a shiny gold that drips down the sides like melted ice cream. Her compact size makes it ideal for smaller buds than full stems.

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