7 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls

The wall behind the bedroom headboard is the ideal canvas to express your creativity. Here are seven accent wall ideas to inspire you, including gallery walls, boho-style macrame tapestry, and neon signs. Being a private and intimate space, the bedroom offers endless possibilities for expressive décor. After all, you can always skip it when giving guests a tour of the house!In this post, we examine seven creative bedrooms where he took great risks with bold patterns and unusual materials. Each speaks to a different aesthetic. These spaces encourage exploration of accent wall options such as oversized headboards and dramatic lighting treatments, adventurous textures, and one-of-a-kind embellishments.Some of these techniques can be recreated at home.

1) Use A Marble Background

Use A Marble Background
Image Source: Henry & Co.

When it comes to adding colour, texture and detail to a space, nothing beats natural stone. Renowned for its durability, this centuries-old material helps transform a modern bedroom into a vibrant and timeless space.

Stones such as marble, terracotta, and slate are usually considered ideal materials for floors and countertops. Take advantage of this trend and use its aesthetics in your wall accent pieces. Decorate the wall behind the bed with stone elements and add long gold pendants to create a dynamic look. “I chose stone because it was easy to clean and maintain. I loved the colour of the stone, the beauty of the abstract watercolours. I built the palette for this bedroom in that marble colour.” says Shonali Mahajan, principal designer at Studio. Woodhouse (opens in a new tab).

2) The Beauty Of Wood Panels

The Beauty Of Wood Panels
Image Source: Russ Ward

Andy and Chris Dinison love the attention to detail in his 1956 home in Spokane, Washington, designed by architect Kenneth Brooks. Above the bed, a white built-in closet has her two hinged-out shelves that act as pillow supports for reading before bed. The owners of the home have paid special attention to the art they have displayed. “Wood panelling on the walls is almost like furniture and art in itself,” says Chris. “We had a hard time finding art and beautiful wood that we liked.”

 3) 1970s Bohemian Style To The Point

1970s Bohemian Style To The Point
Image Source: Collov Home Design

Leah and Bryce Hoffman live in her 1948 home in the Inglewood neighbourhood of East Nashville. Leah is a hairstylist and embroidery shop owner, and her love of 1970s style is evident in her balls, hanging plants, macrame, and rattan accents throughout the house.

The couple worked with Christian Fecht, an artist and cabinetmaker at Fecht Design, to custom design his bed, based on a photograph from the ’70s. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Leah. The headboard is lined with different colored LED lights that can be controlled with a remote control.

4) Put Wallpaper Behind The Bed

Put Wallpaper Behind The Bed
Image Source: Anna Sullivan

Patterned and textured wallpapers have exploded in popularity as people’s interest in mid-century modern design grows. White walls are vanilla. It’s time to give way to birch forests, expansive plaids, and shimmering mylar op art designs.

A master bedroom design doesn’t have to be strictly modern. Even traditional and classical wallpaper can find relevance. Experimentally, instead of covering an entire wall with flat wallpaper, it is placed between panels surrounded by mouldings like a work of art. Consider adding wallpaper. This allows you to create decorative compositions. “Wallpapers are going through a renaissance again,” says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene (opens in a new tab). “As people spend more and more time at home, they are looking for colours and patterns that create ambiance by bringing joy and energy into their interiors, creating a calming, cosy and enveloping retreat. There are so many choices in colours, designs and styles, bold designs can be paired with vibrant and coordinating colours or paired with complementary neutral colours to suit different tastes and spaces. The use of patterns in the home adds interest to any interior concept and consumers are sure to be keen to experiment with colour.”

 “A feature or accent wall behind the bed is a great place to experiment with colours and patterns, because once you’re in bed, the room still feels calm and relaxing,” Ruth says.

5) Solid Colours With Meaning

Solid Colours With Meaning
Image Source: Sidekix Media

Wiley and Melissa Hayscock also took a monochromatic approach to decorating the bedroom walls of their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Wiley painted two of his large paintings inspired by meaningful places that hung on either side of his bed. “We had been together for a few years before that, but fell in love on our first trip to Charleston, South Carolina,” he says. An abstract representation of a tower. “Wiley proposed at midnight on the lawn in front of the tower while the lights were twinkling. It was a magical moment we will always cherish,” says Melissa.

6) Colored Diagonal Lines

Colored Diagonal Lines

Don’t leave your bedroom walls unattended. Divide the bare walls with brightly colored diagonal lines to inspire creativity and playful energy in the space. The colored diagonal lines of the functional wall serve as the backdrop for the bedroom. You can also use muted tones diagonally to accentuate the chic aesthetic.A colored diagonal is one of the trending wall colour designs for a bedroom that doubles as a telecommuting room. If you like the chic New York vibe, the colored diagonal is the ideal bedroom design. Maintain a creative balance in your space by pairing it with minimal furnishings and décor.

7) Abstract Lines (Vertical Or Horizontal)

Abstract Lines (Vertical Or Horizontal)

Geometric patterns have entered the fashion for bedroom design. However, the unique bedroom wall paint design is an abstract line concept. Whether vertical or horizontal, asymmetry adds elegance to your personal space.

The colours you use will bring out different personalities in the room. Classic abstract lines such as grey, beige, black and white bring out the necessary sophistication, while bright colours, pastels and energetic vibrant lines bring energy and creativity to the space.

For a simple bedroom design, choose muted or pastel tones for walls that are diagonal to one wall.

For a chic yet funky and bright bedroom design, choose a bright colored diagonal line near your desk area, window or bed headboard.

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