10 Stunning Apartments That Show Off The Beauty Of Nordic Interior Design

Scandinavian influences permeate every element of design, from fine art and typography to architecture and of course furniture and interior decoration. This post presents 10 homes that showcase the breadth and versatility of Scandinavian interiors. Some homes offer the classic white and wood familiar from IKEA magazines, while others tackle a broader definition of Nordic decor with bright and colorful motifs. Scandinavian One of the great things about his designs is that most people can incorporate these classic looks into their homes. Find inspiration for your own style.

 Minimalism may be trendy, but there’s one iteration of clean design that never goes out of style. Scandinavian interior design. Making a room cosy while limiting your interior choices is no small thing. This style is very popular because it appeals to both our propensity for order and our desire to live in a cosy and comfortable environment. Want to put it in? Notice these beautiful layered spaces.

 What is Scandinavian design? 

Scandinavian interior design is a minimalist style that uses a combination of textures and soft tones to create sophisticated, contemporary décor that is warm and comfortable. It emphasises clean lines, practicality and simple furniture that is functional, beautiful and comfortable.

1) Play With Natural Light


Scandinavian interior design is known for his minimalist color palette, cozy accents, and bold, modern furnishings. Designs often play with natural light, a popular commodity in the Nordic countries.

 2) Add Contrast


High contrast is characteristic of Scandinavian interior design. In this all-white dining room, heavy black sculptural furnishings make a dramatic and impactful statement. Modern furnishings also contrast with the ornate architectural details found in historic buildings in northern Europe. 

3) Choose Mod Furniture

Image Source: PELLA HEDEBY

Mod furniture is key, even in newly built contemporary spaces.The Tulip Table and Swan Chair add warmth with light wood accents and rich cognac leather tones. The sculptural branches also help the space feel more organic.

 4) Choose Calm Colors

Image Source: TALI ROTH

In this New York City apartment, her interior designer Tailors adopted her own Scandinavian style. A George Nelson-style Flos table lamp perched on a mirrored cube. The colours are taupe, ivory and sage. Black-and-white photographs, olive branches, and small brass bowls accent the minimalist decor.

5) Incorporate Colorful Art In Multiples


Colourful art is rarely seen in Scandinavian interiors, but when it does, it’s often seen in graphic multiples, like this series of botanical prints. In dining rooms, furniture is often kept simple. Mid-century chairs and floating storage is his buffet. Candles are a hallmark of hygge style and are often housed in simple brass candle holders. What is hygge?

Hygge is a hallmark of Danish culture expressed in Scandinavian interior design. It’s all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living space.

 6) Think Easy


 Speaking of hygge, the Danes try to incorporate this philosophy into every aspect of their interiors. In this small room, an unmade bed is pushed against the window and takes up the whole space. Bedrooms are separated by curtains for added comfort.

7) Mix Textures

Image Source: PELLA HEDEBY

This living room, with its simple, linear furnishings and muted grey tones, might seem a little cold and uncomfortable. Cosy combinations such as rugs make it attractive.

8) Put The Fireplace In The Corner


 Scandinavian homes are known to have fireplaces in the corners of the room instead of in the middle of the walls. Therefore, seating arrangements are often designed accordingly. A small accent chair hovers near the fireplace, while the sofa is usually anchored in the centre of the room, with room to walk in the back.

 9) Use Warm Wood


Warm wood and sepia tones are popular in Scandinavian interiors because they create a sunny and bright room without relying on overwhelmingly bright colours.

10) Layered Bedding

Image Source: Hutomo Abrianto

Swedes and Danes are adept at layering bedding in the most appealing ways. This often includes a small collection of linen sheets, wool blankets, and accent pillows. Iconic lighting is also common in Scandinavian bedrooms, often using ceiling lights and bedside lamps to make a modern statement.

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