12 ideas to makeover terrace on a budget

Leaving the terrace as it is, makes us lose a whole lot of area which can be done phenomenally. A great terrace can be used for parties, day-to-day sunbathing, and every once in a while home picnic when the weather’s great.

Whereas terraces are one of the most difficult places to renovate what can be done, how should it be decorated? And the problems get even bigger especially if you are on a tight budget. Once you finally decide to give your terrace a makeover we would love to have you on board as soon as you’d like A great terrace might be the ideal place for you to entertain your guests as well. Let’s go and check out the best terrace makeovers possible on a budget.

1) Planter

One of the best ideas is to have planters. It’s not only inexpensive but it also makes you stand out. When someone has a lot of planters it creates a very positive environment as well as a positive first impression too. adding planters by the railing can change the appearance in a good way. Good plant vases can be bought easily, and the best place to purchase good planters in all shapes and sizes is BANJARA MARKET.


2) Roof Dining

Dining on the terrace is such a beautiful concept. Having dinner with family/friends on a rooftop with a calming breeze, what can be better than that? The dining table can be adjusted as per the space availability. From having a 4-chair dining set to a 12-chair dining set, it all will look great. It will not only look cool but will also feel super nice.

Roof Dining

3) Wooden planters

Wooden resting planters look super cute and bring you a step closer to nature. As it’s on the rooftop you can grow vegetables and fruits and have organic food fresh from the kitchen.

Wooden planters

4) Outdoor seating

The terrace is the perfect place to spend the evening, with fixed flooring along with the chairs/sofa to sit on covered with a shed to protect it from rain damage, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrise every day. It’s the best for those who love to sit in the open air as we had work-from-home meetings. It is a perfect place to do those as there will be no interruptions as well as you will have great weather to be in.

Outdoor seating

5) Lounge chairs

If you are into lounges, and you want a cozy place to hang out with your friends and watch movies and series. The best way to do so is to set up lounge chairs on your roof. It will be the most comfortable place to be in. You can further decorate it with lights, fake flowers and leaves, real plants, pillows, etc. similar looking lounge chairs are highly recommended.

Lounge chairs

6) Potted trees

If your roof has a lot of open space, try to include potted trees, they can make the space look complete. Add lights near the pots, and turn them on especially at night, it will look so adorable and it will take away the emptiness.

Potted trees

7) Sofas

If you want a luxurious seating arrangement, a similarly looking outdoor sofa is the best choice. As shown above, they paired the sofa with a small front table in front of the pool, which is great for summer swimming days.


8) Wall of planters

Wall of planters is such a new concept and it’s perfect if you wish to include planters but you get less space . they won’t take much space plus it looks very unique. It is great for flowers and leafy plants. It looks like wall decor. What can be better than something that works as wall art as well as a planter?

 Wall of planters

9) False ceiling

False ceiling is a must for you if you live in a place where the sun shines the most or it rains heavily, otherwise hanging out on the roof will become difficult. False ceilings can be a little expensive when it comes to the framework and installation. But using wooden piles and a good fabric to cover the top as shown in the image above helps it all.

 False ceiling

10) Lighting

Proper lighting on the roof is also necessary to make it look beautiful. You can make a place look beautiful with creative lighting fixtures such as lanterns. Only adding furniture to your place won’t make it look appealing to you only. to make your rooftop visitors friendly, why not give lightning a shot?


11) Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are addicting trust me, once you start to place ceramic pots in your house you probably won’t stop. They are inexpensive also, and these pots come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. As we are aware that recently the O vase went viral. We saw it everywhere and I know you do agree with us that they do provide a classic posh look to your home.

Ceramic pots

12) Wooden floor

Anything wooden gives a rich vibe. Installing a wooden floor will look just phenomenal. Wooden flooring can be chosen if you like the stips shown above or you want a one-piece if you would like blocks. Wooden floors will add so much that it gives you the liberty to keep the walls minimalistic.

Wooden floor

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