20 Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas to Give a New Look to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of courtyard and garden design. The right lighting fixtures or features can create ambience while providing functional lighting for utility and safety purposes. It can illuminate walkways, outdoor dining rooms, patios, and structures such as pergolas and gazebos. Get inspired by these best outdoor lighting ideas.

 Things to Consider Before Installing Outdoor Lighting

First, assess the features of your garden that you want to highlight with your lights. For example, pools, spas, and stairs are critical areas that require lighting for safety. Also, consider highlighting plants, architecture, and outdoor spaces. You can add uprights in some areas and target silhouette shapes in others. The purpose determines the type of attachment you need.

 Before choosing lighting, consult your local building authority to determine local codes governing lighting types and levels. Once you know what kind of lights you can install, try light strands or clamp lights in different areas of your yard and place them at different heights to see how the lighting looks in the room. Remember to practice basic lighting safety. B. Use outdoor lighting only and pay attention to electrical safety when water is present.

1) Illuminated Steps

Image Source: Paul Jonason

Stair lighting is another safety-conscious and aesthetic way to use outdoor lighting. White Sands showcases the beauty of the brick staircase that leads to the elevated entryway of this high-rise residence with built-in lighting. The light provides visual cues as to where each step begins, but casts a cone of light on the staircase below.Match the temperature of the light to the material. In this case, the warm light perfectly complements the sandy tones of the masonry. For building materials in grey tones, the lower the temperature of the light, the better.

2) Fence Lighting

Image Source: Christopher Lee Foto

Fence lights allow you to illuminate your garden boundaries. Spaced at regular intervals along the privacy fence, these LED lights illuminate the fence above and the garden bed below. Use them to softly illuminate your landscaping and provide visual identifiers for fence lines.

3) Illuminated Architectural Features

Image Source: Pinterest

For homes with unique architectural features such as cutouts or recesses, consider designing your exterior lighting to accentuate these architectural details. In this example, the stone walls appear to be lit from within, providing plenty of light below the portico and above the stairs. 

4) Cosy Candlelight

Image Source: Herzen Stimme

Even if you don’t have the expertise or budget for hardwired outdoor lighting, you can still light up your patio or deck with candlelight.Romantic chic, battery-operated candles can be used without the worry of melting wax or a fire. Gives off a gorgeous glow. Using lots of candles of different sizes and placing them at different heights in your outdoor space, such as floors, tables, and other outdoor fixtures, makes this more effective and appealing.

 5) Outdoor Dining Room Lighting

Dining on a deck or patio is one of life’s simple pleasures, but if you don’t want to eat in the dark, you’ll need to set up a light source to use after the sun goes down. This contemporary home has a pair of hanging lights that provide plenty of light above the table and seating. Outdoor dining lighting serves a utilitarian purpose, but it can also add ambiance to an area and enhance the feeling of a real outdoor living space.Outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to moisture and rainfall, so safety For longevity and longevity, be sure to choose luminaires that are moisture resistant or moisture resistant.

 6) Light Canopy

Image Source: iStock

Even without a pergola or pavilion, you can set the stage for your outdoor seating area with a chain light roof.The easiest way to achieve the effect is with a web of fairy lights, but with individual fairy lights to achieve the same look. It looks like a covered seating area with lighting, but no permanent structure needs to be installed.

7) Pendant Lamp

Image Source: Cottageandsea

 Outdoor pendant lights perform the same function as well-placed indoor lighting, providing illumination and eye-catching décor. A great application for this outdoor lighting idea is a patio set. A cosy conversation corner with eye-catching hanging lamps day and night.

8) Recessed Lighting

Image Source: Rowena Naylor / Stocksy

 Recessed lighting in this wooden entryway maintains the modern aesthetic of this home while highlighting the end of the walkway for safety. This option can be incorporated into walkways made from a variety of materials. However, recessed sidewalk lights are the most popular and practical for wooden and stone entrances.

9) Front Door Lighting

Image Source: White Sands

 A bright front door helps with security, but also gives the home a cosy look. Using two light fixtures on either side of the door doubles the lighting, which can be helpful when searching for keys or welcoming guests at night. Be mindful of the size and scale of the lights you choose. Do not overwhelm or overcrowd the entrance.

10) Versatile Porch Lighting

Image Source: Tyler Karu

 Porch lighting is more than a sign of a warm welcome. It can make using your outdoor space more enjoyable after the sun goes down. In this wraparound porch, recessed can lights give the entire space a soft, inviting glow. This Craftsman-style home is charming with ample windows and cedar paneling, but with little space for wall-mounted fixtures, cans become a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. I’m here.

11) Explanation Light

Image Source: krblokhin / Getty Images

 Two large globe lights break the mould of traditional home lighting fixtures. The spheres illuminate the space at night and provide a visual contrast to the more rectangular features of this home during the day. Think about the functional properties of your chosen lighting. 

12) Lamppost

Image Source: Raymond Forbes LLC / Stocksy

 Entryway lighting comes in many forms, but the post and lantern option shown here complements the wooden railing on the other side of the entryway. The glow of lanterns guides the eye to the path while the stairs are illuminated. If you’re looking for an alternative to wired outdoor lighting options, opt for solar powered lanterns.

 13) Path Lighting

Image Source: Urban Angles

 Don’t overlook the importance of pathway lighting. Use outdoor lighting regularly along sidewalks to mark the way as a welcome greeting to visitors and as a practical safety measure. Solar lights are often a good choice because they don’t require battery changes and come on at dusk.

14) Patio Lantern

Image Source: onurdongel / Getty Images

 Outdoor lighting doesn’t always come from above. The modern square floor lantern can be placed anywhere you need it around your patio, pool or other outdoor seating area. The soft glow is matched by the lighting fixtures used to illuminate the covered terrace, providing a cohesive lighting plan with sufficient lighting for all activities throughout the pool area.

 15) Wall Light

The wall light offers lighting and decoration in one attractive package, he is perfect for outstanding wall outdoor lighting. Many options offer soft backlighting, but if you need more lighting, look for a cylinder light that casts rays up and down, as seen in this photo by Lucide Lighting. 

6) Layered Lighting

Image Source: wildrosecountryhome

 Whether indoors or outdoors, using different lighting levels can add breadth and variety to your space. This pergola combines fairy lights for ambience and ceiling lights for a more direct light. Use one or both light sources depending on your mood and celebration. Remember to match the colour temperature of all bulbs for best effect.

 17) Lanterns

Image Source: Jovana Rikalo

 Consider hanging lanterns in place of the soft ambiance of fairy lights. Add lighting and visual interest with lights of varying diameters. But keep in mind that lanterns are not weatherproof. Hang it up before your special occasion and wrap it up for storage when the occasion is over.

 18) Factory Lighting

Image Source: ladylandscape

For potted trees and plants, use a flashlight to provide spot lighting. Aside from providing focus (even at night), the light source also makes the foliage stand out. can be backlit, as seen in the Lady Landscape photo. 

19) Tree Lighting

Image Source: Morsa Images / Getty Images

Sometimes all you have to do is look up when looking for a good place to hang your string lights. Tree string lights transform any dark or shady spot in your garden or garden into an illuminated oasis, ready for dining, socialising, or peaceful contemplation. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, choose solar or battery powered fairy lights.

 20) Light Up Doors And Windows

Image Source: herzenstimme

If you want to brighten up your home, use fairy lights or flexible LED light tubes for door and window borders. Perfect for a backyard retreat, this idea is an effective and easy way to liven up the look of your home, giving your door a soft picture as you walk back home from the fire pit or hot tub on dark nights.

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