Creating the Ultimate Beachy Vibe in Your Living Room: A Simple Guide

Are you craving the calm, carefree atmosphere of a beach vacation? Bring those sandy shores and ocean breezes straight into your living room with our ultimate guide to creating a beachy vibe. From selecting the perfect colour scheme to incorporating natural textures and decor, these simple tips will have you feeling seaside bliss all year round. Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just some small touches, this guide is your ticket to coastal paradise right at home. So grab your flip-flops and get ready to soak up the sun from the comfort of your own couch!

Introduction to Creating a Beachy Vibe in Your Living Room

When most people think of a beach-themed living room, they automatically envision a couch covered in sand with sea shells strewn about. This isn’t necessarily the case! Achieving a beachy vibe in your living room can be as simple as adding subtle touches that reflect the coastline. Here are a few tips to get you started: 

Incorporate Sea-Themed Colors: One easy way to create a beach-like atmosphere is by painting your walls in blue or green hues. You could also consider using accent pieces in shades of coral or shell pink. 

Add Natural Elements: Nothing says “beach” like driftwood and sea glass! Incorporate these natural elements into your décor by displaying them on shelves or in bowls on coffee tables. 

Opt for Lightweight Furniture: In order to give your space an airy feel, choose furniture that is light in colour and doesn’t weigh down the room. Wicker or rattan pieces are perfect for this! 

Bring in Textures: To really capture the essence of the shore, add textured throw pillows and blankets in linen or cotton. You could also hang a jute rug on the wall for added dimension.

living room with light colored theme

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Beachy Living Room

The first step in creating a beachy living room is choosing the right colours. The goal is to create a space that feels light and airy like you’re always on vacation. To achieve this, stick to a cool colour palette of whites, blues, and greens.

If you want a little more colour in your space, consider adding in some pale pinks or yellows. These hues will help to brighten up the room and give it a fun, beachy feel. And don’t forget about accessories! Adding in some seashells or starfish can really help to tie the whole look together. 

Remember, less is more when it comes to a beachy living room. Aim for an uncomplicated but inviting look that will make you feel like you’re on vacation every time you enter the room.

If you’re looking to create a beachy living room, choosing the right colours is key. You’ll want to avoid anything too dark or too bright and instead focus on muted natural tones. Think whites, creams, light blues, and pale greens.

These colours will help to create a relaxed and breezy feel in your space, which is perfect for summertime or any time you want to escape to the beach. To add a touch of personality to your room, consider adding some bold accents via pillows, rugs, or artwork.

beach style living room

Furniture and Accessories for Creating a Beach-Themed Living Room

If you’re looking to create a beachy vibe in your living room, there are a few key furniture and accessory pieces you’ll need. A casual sofa or chair is a must for any beach-themed room – think rattan or wicker for a classic coastal look. Add a coffee table and side table, both with seaside-inspired décors, such as shells, starfish, or coral. To complete the look, consider hanging some breezy curtains in an airy print, like stripes or palm leaves. 

For accessories, you’ll need plenty of cosy pillows in textures like macramé or seagrass. Keep lighting subtle with an all-natural look, such as woven rattan lamps, or shell-filled ones. A large area rug can help anchor the space and give it a finished look. Add texture to the walls with a breezy seashore mural to evoke the feeling of being at the beach. Finally, accessorize with ocean-inspired art pieces that bring a sense of peace and relaxation to the room.

beach style colorful vibe

Tips for Decorating Your Beach-Themed Living Room

If you want to bring the beach into your living room, there are a few simple things you can do to create the ultimate beachy vibe. Here are some tips for decorating your beach-themed living room:

1. Use light, airy colours. Think whites, blues, and greens. This will help create a feeling of space and serenity.

2. Incorporate natural materials. Wicker, linen, and shell decorations will all help give your living room a Beachy feel.

3. Bring in some greenery. Plants and flowers will add colour and life to your space. Choose species that are common near the water such as palm fronds or sea urchins.

4. Accessorize with nautical items. Rope knots, ship wheels, and anchor decor will all help complete the look.

5. Use lighting to set the mood. Soft lighting will help create a relaxing atmosphere while more vibrant lighting can give the space an energetic feel perfect for entertaining guests.

colorful small bedroom with beach vibes

Where to Get Inspiration for a Beach-Themed Living Room

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help create the ultimate beach-themed living room, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Start with the walls: Paint them in a light, airy colour or add some beach-themed wall art.

2. Bring in some natural elements: Add some shells, starfish, coral, or driftwood to your decor.

3. Choose furniture and accessories in marine-inspired colours: Think blues, greens, and whites.

4. Add some coastal-inspired accents: Throw pillows with nautical motifs, lanterns, candles, and ocean-themed rugs are all great options.

Ideas for Beach-Themed Artwork and Wall Hangings

If you’re looking for some beachy artwork or wall hangings to complete the perfect ocean-side living room, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

One option is to find paintings or photographs of beaches that have a calming effect and make you feel like you’re on vacation. Another idea is to look for coastal-themed metal wall art, which can add a touch of elegance to your space. And finally, if you want something really unique, try using found objects like seashells or driftwood to create one-of-a-kind artwork for your walls! 

For more ideas, you can also check out wall hangings and art prints featuring sea life, palm trees, lighthouses and other beach-inspired imagery. Whether you prefer abstract or realistic artwork, there’s sure to be something special that suits your taste and style.

light blue color sofa and dining table

DIY Projects to Create the Ultimate Beachy Vibe in Your Living Room

If you’re longing for the beach but can’t seem to get away, why not bring the beach to you? With a few easy DIY projects, you can transform your living room into a breezy oasis that will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long.

Start by painting your walls in a light, airy colour like pale blue or green. Then, add some nautical accents like starfish-shaped wall hooks and seashell-covered lamps. To really bring the outdoors in, hang a hammock chair near a window and fill it with colourful pillows.

If you have hardwood floors, trade out your heavy area rug for a lighter one in a palm frond or striped pattern. Or, if you have carpet, consider adding a jute or sisal rug for a natural touch. Don’t forget to accessorize with plenty of greenery— palms, ferns, and grasses are all perfect for creating that quintessential beachy vibe.

beach style wall texture


Achieving the perfect beachy vibe in your living room doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the simple tips in this guide, you can easily create a space that evokes the feeling of a sandy shoreline. Whether it’s with furniture that echoes the shape of ocean waves or by adding pops of blue to your decor, you can achieve a beautiful beach-inspired look in your home.

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