Small Home Interior Design Ideas

Living in a small apartment and hoping to fit in everything you need isn’t a piece of cake. Fitting in everything, and making it look good is an even bigger challenge, however, that’s what makes it so much fun: creative thinking and hard work pay off beautifully and satisfy us the most. Luckily for you, we have gathered some of the best small home interior design ideas that will definitely help you out, whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a tiny room in a small house, these small home interior design ideas will make it feel so much larger while maintaining style.

1. Incorporate Reflective Materials

Light colour ceiling Interior Ideas
Image Source: Rustic White Photography

Matching tiles with the ceiling creates a reflective look especially in light colours, as the reference colour white has been used in the image above. Matching the ceiling to the walls and the floor with a glossy top coat changes the whole game. It acts like a mirror whereas, whereas colour creates an illusion of more space.

2. Add a Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall - Home Interior Ideas
Image Source: Trevor Parker Photography

A wall full of art gives a banjara look. You can put up literally anything that seems appropriate to you. For example, drawing that you/ your family member might have made, awards, fancy crockery, art pieces and many more. It won’t only give you that banjara look but it will also grab everyone’s attention to the choice of your art and how you choose to express it.  

3. Hang a Swing!

Hang a Swing - home Interior Ideas
Image Source: Nicholas Sargent

Hanging a swing can be the most interesting thing. Who doesn’t like swings? attaching a swing to your house can totally be the game changer. We are aware that they don’t touch the ground, which states they won’t fill the whole room, which will also provide a classy touch to your collection.

4. Maximize Shelving

Beautiful Old Book Shelves Ideas
Image Source: Lesley Unruh

Adding shelves to the wall appears very fancy. Looks really neat, and can be used as the best spot to show off your antique pieces and books. For a book lover, this is one of the best spaces which can be decorated with your favourite books if it goes with the theme you have selected. It’s one of the easiest but fanciest plays.

5. Take Advantage of Architectural Quirks

Small Balcony with sofa and book
Image Source: Shade Degges

Every inch counts in a small home, so make sure to make the most of architectural quirks – that way they’ll become your favourite features in the space. Your window radiator? Invest in a nice radiator cover and customize a throw pillow so you can use it as a window nook to read and relax. (And you can get rid of the bulky couch that takes up half the studio!) Pillows and extra pendant lights for tasks, as Jae Joo did here.

6. Use Mirrors

Antique mirror attached with wall
Image Source: Sara Tramp

As we have read: mirrors are our besties, they will never let you down! Adding in a mirror will change the aura of the place for sure as it will make the places seem to be enlarged, not only this but will also lighten up the place with a free flow.

7. Create Zones

Small room have beautiful landscape picture
Image Source: Ngoc Minh NGO

In the studio of interior designer Max Sinsteden, he made his sleeping area feel separate from the rest of the room by hanging a curtain high and then hanging a floating painting to divide it. even smaller. “I hate seeing a bed from the front door, so I added a curtain to block this space. When you close it, it really feels like you’re in a Paris hotel,” he said. He told us. This means you can also be entertained without feeling like everyone is in your room. “A small space doesn’t stop me from inviting 50 people.”

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