Top 10 Ideas For Gaming Room Decor

We all love to gather around a room with our friends and family to enjoy a great day of fun and games. So why not create a playroom to cherish those memories as they come? Nowadays, gamers are not just kids or enthusiasts anymore. Everyone needs an outlet for their daily stresses. The gambling hall is like a small hollow space to escape all pent-up and unnecessary hostility in a safe environment. Whether you are killing zombies, racing on virtual asphalt or running tanks to protect your country. Video games can be very therapeutic. You can also designate a special corner of the house dedicated to lazy Sunday evening family gatherings or a small space where your friends and guests can gather for a night out. game. It could be for video games or simple board games, or it could even be your favourite games like billiards, darts, etc. which you can enjoy inside. 

Do you remember the F4 game room in Boys over Flowers? Who says you can’t enjoy the same luxuries? 

So today we are going to share some game room decor ideas that will turn any small space into a private paradise for gamers. These design ideas can be implemented in video game room ideas as well as for a classic gaming experience. 

The playground is not just a cave but is designed to relieve stress and anxiety for all members of the house. Take a look and turn this beautiful space into a play space, or create a corner in your living room for a healthy experience.

  • Soundproofing Personal Space 
Soundproofing Personal Space 
Image Source: Chuck Fortner

The game room can be a rather noisy area with the clattering of car wheels on Asphalt or loud gunfire in Modern Combat and PUBG. It’s not like you can play with the volume down. The essence of the game system is based on realistic music. But we cannot ignore the other inhabitants of the house or even the peaceful neighbours. So soundproofing is an inspiring solution to this problem. Simple panels or rubber linings on doors and windows can easily make your gaming experience confined to the room. If you’re inclined, you can have wooden or glass sliding doors in your playroom. If optimised properly, they not only insulate the space but also make for a great gaming station experience. For example, if you invest in one of your space age games, it will create a virtual reality image of you being inside the space station or  Enterprise while watching the uproar of the space station. everyday life on your screen (in this case, glass doors). Soundproofing can dampen people outside your playroom and at the same time create a great effect on your gaming experience.  Sit back in your gaming chair and feel like royalty for as long as you want, whenever you want, whether it’s the middle of the night or a fun Sunday afternoon. 

  • Ambient illumination makes a big difference 
Ambient illumination makes a big difference
Image Source: Jura

Gaming is an ethereal experience. You need to create an ambient atmosphere to enjoy the full gaming experience. Whether it’s a small nook in your living room or a full-fledged game room, consider your lighting options for greater effect. Natural light is not a very natural choice when it comes to playing areas. Brightness can affect the picture and ruin the overall gaming experience. Room lighting should always be focused to complement the type of game you play. If your gaming space is devoted to video games, LED strips, overhead lights, and even disco lights may be more suitable for room decor. However, keep in mind that the RGB spectral deviation can strain your eyes. While the lights shouldn’t spoil the gaming experience, they should be sufficient to illuminate the inside of the gaming room to avoid serious optical damage. Gaming sessions usually last a long time, so the targeted ambient light is your best friend. 

You can also use lava lamps and fairy lights as they do not affect the decoration of the playroom but provide enough light to keep the playroom bright and attractive. You can also use light reflections on your collectables to create a shadow effect in your game room.

  • Choosing an Entertainment Centre and Equipment
Choosing an Entertainment Centre and Equipment
Image Source: Amr Taha

When choosing an entertainment centre or home theatre system for a video game, you have several options. These units can be off-the-shelf products from Ikea, or if you like, like Joey Tribbiani, you can start your DIY project and build one from scratch. An entertainment centre is designed to hold all sorts of things other than a computer monitor or TV. When choosing your gear, be sure to consider the TV stand as well as the amount of rack you need to store in the accessories. There are consoles,  Nintendo, PS3, Xbox and any PlayStation that will delight you. There are also game CDs if you like classic games like Mario, Mario kart, Prince of Persia etc. are various accessories that facilitate the gaming experience. To store many of these items, consider choosing an audio-video unit with multiple cabinets and shelves. It is best to have a monitor or cabinet door as they will protect your valuable gaming accessories from dust and spills. On the other hand, if your computer desk serves as a gaming desk,  you may want to choose a desk with lots of drawers and pull-out cabinets. In the middle of your gaming session, it’s not ideal when you have to run around the house to find your spare game console and add-ons. 

When selecting the entertainment centre, you can also install the router on the device itself. It’s not only a great way to avoid lag during your gaming session, but also for your home theatre. It’s easier and more functional to have a supported network when you want to switch from gaming to some online entertainment.

  • It’s not just for video games
It's not just for video games
Image Source: Linda Nguyen

Game rooms are meant to bring all your family together or can be a place to host your friends and loved ones when you want to spend time together. Time to laugh, have fun and make memories. You can set up a game room to accommodate all kinds of games, whether video games or board games. It can be a fun space to sit down and play monopoly, rummy, poker and even chess. You can expand your horizons with Risk or Star Wars. Perhaps the play area is the perfect place for your child to socialise with  Candyland and Operation friends. It is important to remember that playrooms provide a safe environment where children and adults can explore their creativity. It inspires young souls to develop stronger personalities with depth and wisdom. Designing your game room can be a haven for creative minds like Abed and Troy. Games like Scrabble, Scattergories, etc. arouse good vocabulary and knowledge. It can motivate you or your child to invent new game systems with proper encouragement. After all, the existing popular games were also invented by a person who loved to play.

  • Choosing the right home theatre system 
Choosing the right home theatre system 
Image Source: Mohamed Trabelsi

 Half the gaming experience comes from the gadgets and monitors you choose. Surround sound, high-definition televisions, and advanced game consoles all contribute to the best gaming experience, So choosing the right home theatre system is crucial. However, not everyone can fit a 60-inch TV or computer monitor in their game room. Most of us have to do with systems that are compatible with small rooms or limited space on a computer desk. Therefore, when choosing a home theatre system, pay attention to the overall room,  entertainment equipment, speakers and connections you have. Choose a home theatre system that sits comfortably in your entertainment centre or gaming desk. Consider how much more space you can allocate for speakers, accessories, and more. You don’t have to compromise on the gaming experience by choosing a  home theatre system with pixels or a system with low RGB ratios, but you need to find a system that can easily accommodate the spaces available. You can improve your gaming experience even with a smaller TV screen. Simply compensate with your home theatre sound system and choose an HDTV regardless of size.

  • A place for your quirky collections 
A place for your quirky collections 
Image Source: Dennis Cortés

You may already have a Sword of Azeroth or Armoury Jewellery Collection, and maybe even a collection of your favourite sports cars. These collections are your inspiration, motivation, and most importantly, your pride and joy. Why not display them proudly in your exclusive game room? If you have a small play space, you can still put these limited edition valuables in your home. A small space for games and entertainment means that your play space is part of the overall decor of the home. You may have purchased exclusive items from online channels like Amazon, eBay, etc., or your favourite manga or game store. You can easily take the opportunity to display your collections on the shelves of your living room, and maybe order a few in your home office to impress and amaze your colleagues and clients. These delicate pieces can be a great conversation starter or an icebreaker. Everyone loves to watch and admire them. You can create accents in your bedroom decorating ideas to bravely display them.

  • Consider the space available throughout the Room 
Consider the space available throughout the Room 
Image Source: Balkouras Nicos

Not all of us have designated areas for setting up a gaming room, and we understand. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to, right? 

Consider the square footage of a small room or the available space in your living room to power a gamer room. It can be a large or small room or just a corner in a living space with a small gaming desk or even a small part of your home office. Either way, your home decor and floor plans can be altered to fit the required play space. 

Consider the game setup, game room furniture, and entertainment centre you choose. While this space is intended to cater to the whims of family and friends, you need to think about the layout available throughout the room to fit your gaming space. 

If you can’t fit a large entertainment centre with game consoles, speakers, etc., consider a minimalist design plan. You can set up your computer desk with gaming chairs, targeting LEDs, maybe otters, and a stand to hold all your top video games, board games, game systems, etc. 

On the other hand, if you have a designated room for your gaming sessions,  feel free to install a large entertainment centre and create a game room with all your Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation,  and other games. PC, social, billiards, etc. You can even incorporate shelves or even closed cabinets to store all your favourite games. The Stormtrooper figurines from the  Star Wars epic trilogy are a great addition to playroom decorating ideas.

  • Inviting Game Room Layouts 
Inviting Game Room Layouts
Image Source: Tarn Nguyen

Game room layouts can vary to reflect your style and preferences, just like the rest of your home. But it is important to choose a topic that is relevant and engaging. 

For example, you might have a games room that focuses on physical activities like darts, billiards, virtual bowling, etc. These games create a pub-like effect, inadvertently turning your game room into a party area when guests arrive. Similarly, you can choose a classic geek-like theme with Pac-Man machines, Super Mario, Zork, and more. These big machines and their setup create a video game feel that reminds you of your childhood and all the fun. Reminisce with your friends and cherish past moments. The playroom can also be minimally themed if you want to create it in your home office or a corner of your living room. You can install a projector and some simple equipment, and let the lighting and home theatre add excitement to your gaming session.

  •  Good Seating Arrangement
Good Seating Arrangement
Image Source: Ella Don

Unlike the rest of the house, the playroom is nothing but comfortable. Whether you prefer to sit on a swivel chair, arched gaming chair or just sit on a large couch with your friends and family, the seat should always be comfortable. You see, the game room is busy for hours while the long game sessions are going on. You don’t want to strain your neck and back from sitting in an awkward position for such a long time. The playroom furniture is offered exclusively on many online channels such as Amazon or can be specially ordered from Ikea. Swivel and egg chairs, even ones shaped like a hand, can be great additions to a game room design. You might even consider buying a gaming chair and then using your imagination to incorporate it into a DIY project.

  • Wall Decor Choices Your game room
Wall Decor Choices Your game room
Image Source: Sharad kachhi

Wall decor can reflect many of your favourite games and any attachments you may have. In addition to hanging some of your favourite collectables, consider lining the walls with gaming wall art. You can combine different game worlds and create an overall effect. You can also separate the wall decor to reflect different worlds. 

For example, let’s say you cover one of the four walls (let’s say your game room is a regular rectangular room and not an enlarged pentagon or whatever) with paintings from the Marvel Universe. You can use the DC world for the other wall, maybe use some classic game pieces for the third, and a giant universe model for the fourth. Thus, you can add collections to the corresponding themed wall decor and create an ingenious field of imagination and creativity throughout the room. The idea of ​​a video game room largely depends on creating a safe space to explore your horizons. Let the game room design connect all your worlds where you are the reigning king or queen. 

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