5 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

Having plain single-coloured walls is no fun trust me, who wants to sit in front of an empty wall all day long which is why wall art came into existence? It has become a crucial part of the decorating process. Earlier single coloured walls were in trend then we got introduced to one wall art, wallpapers. But what’s most interesting is that now we have gorgeous wall art in trend. From gallery walls to DIY pieces including accessories framing, large-scale photography, and self-portraits we’ve got plenty of wall decoration ideas to spark your creativity. We have gathered the top 5 DIY wall decoration ideas to kick-start your redesigning process. We often have a few ideas that we wish to incorporate into our designs but often we are not able to do so, here the ideas that we have gathered so far might answer all the questions that you may have.

List of DIY Wall Decoration Ideas:

1) Take Advantage of Tall Ceilings

Jenny Dina Kirschner designed this living room from an artistic point of view; she sourced all of the ornaments used here from Chairish. Having an extremely tall ceiling gives us an excuse to hang a chandelier, which gives a royal yet classy look to the room. making the bigger wall a gallery wall is supposedly the best idea to use the wall space efficiently. Instead of overcrowding a room but adding more and more furniture to your room let’s try to accessorize the walls. It will create an illusion of a longer room therefore you will have some extra vertical space in the room.

Decorate walls from floor to ceiling with bookshelves, and in the centre, a crystal hanging ceiling lamp

2) Play With Optical Illusions

Installing two mirrors right in front of each other will provide an illusion of a huge place. To make this function properly make sure to add the right amount of accessories near the mirror, the lesser the ornaments will be the more space will be reflected through mirrors. Two mirrors facing each eater will provide a never-ending gallery illusion.

3) Get Textural With a Rug

You must have heard of colour theory, there is a colour wheel in which colours opposite to each other complement each other. Here in the image, the deep orange and the teal bluish-coloured wall look great. It’s an extraordinary method for bringing delicate surfaces and shining a different light on old pieces. Interior creator Peti Lau painted this highlight wall with a profound marine tint and afterwards lit it up with a marigold seat and matching wall workmanship. However, in addition to any wall craftsmanship. As opposed to hanging an outlined composition or photo, she tied down a mat to the wall.

Wall painted blueish with dark orange texture, dark orange bed and white soft rug

4) Display Something Surprising

Displaying something that others may not expect, something which speaks for itself, which isn’t common that we see in every other household makes your house unique and different. In the image below a metal, the object has been hung which looks so interesting. Make sure that once you decide to keep a metal ornament, it must be stainless steel, waterproof, anti-tarnish, and non-corrosive. This mentality may be a little more expensive than a casual one but investing in quality is our top priority isn’t it?

Wall decorated with crockery

5) Think Outside the Box

If you’re a collector, it could be anything, for instance, hats, if you are a collector of hats why not display them on the walls? it has two benefits, no. 1 you save space, I mean how hectic can it get to especially have a place to keep them all inlined. No. 2 when we have the option to use our belongings to display. It’s a fun, stylish, and affordable way to present your belongings like never before.

Wall decorated with different magazine collections

We hope the ideas given above were of your help. If any one of the above came to your help that will fulfil the purpose of this blog.

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