15 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Once in a while, we all look for different ways to freshen up our space. Looking at those empty walls gives an opportunity to hold hands with the creative self, and a few changes here and there can make a house feel like a home. Do you feel ready yet to turn those stark, bare walls into phenomenal centerpieces? No matter what your style preferences are, we’ve got tricks that can boost the looks of your walls and bring out the best of them. Whether you’re an artist, florist, or musician. your house can be as per your needs and requirements. Let’s look at the ideas we have gathered below

1) Large Scaled Art

We have a few art pieces in our house here and there, so why not have huge art pieces? Try a sequence photo in a minimalist space or just add a hint of color within a vibrant abstract piece, this will change the entire feel of your home. And it will enhance the place giving it a quirky look.

Wall Large Scaled Art

2) Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is certainly a pretty new-old concept, it didn’t originate in India. Displaying a collection of photographs of family, the moments you have spent together, or add wall hanging pieces such as dream catchers or art pieces, or other ephemera. We will suggest that you should go for a simple and cohesive frame because it will help enhance the beauty instead of over-powering it. If you are looking to create a larger wall illusion we will suggest you extend the gallery wall to the uppermost. It will help create the perfect illusion.

Gallery Wall

3) Incorporating Accent Wall

Every once in a while, we think of decorating the wall as per our interest and BY OURSELVES! While putting out different art pieces on the wall, why not try a bright and bold paint color that creates an accent wall, or simply patterns with wallpapers, stenciling, and other decorative techniques can be used as well? A roof transformation can be given as well. These small little changes will have an amazing impact on the house.

Incorporating Accent Wall

4) Showcase a fabric

Tapestry and wall hangings can add softness as well as a touch of color and pattern to a neutral room. Consider framing vintage scarves or other cute textiles. Bonus: When you move to your next house, it will be much easier to move than a framed painting.

Showcase a fabric

5) Hang up mirrors

Hanging up a large mirror or even hanging several small mirrors can enlighten the room in several different ways, mirrors make a room look enlarged as it reflects light the space looks bigger, better, and lighter. Add a mirror to a place that it’s on the same side as where the natural light source is, it will help to reflect clear images, and also you can dress up under natural light which can be better than that.

Hang up mirrors

6) Paint a mural

We all have basic plain walls in our homes, which can be pretty boring after some time. So why not consider giving our walls an artistic makeover? Different patterns can be drawn, or simply an art form which is displayed in the image below. Trying out monochromatic looks can give your home a completely different vibe which will be so dope.

Paint a mural

7) Installing  shelves

Shelves on walls? It’s an amazing option for our book lovers out there or for those who love to showcase their ornaments. It is also a convenient way of storing the objects which will look good even as a display. the bookshelf can be brought up to the ceiling level to give your home a longer elevated look.

wall decor ideas

8) Hang plates

Why hide crockery in cupboards when you can show it off? Display your favorite dishes and platters with wire plate hangers. If you’re a collector of design objects, this might be the step for you. if you don’t wish to put your dishes on top because you are scared that they might break but you liked the idea. Then you can spend them as showpieces.

Hang plates wall

9) Display sculptural sconces

Wall sconce adds an extra light source without taking up floor or side table space. Choose an eye-catching design like a wall sculpture for light and style.

Display sculptural sconces

10) Go greener

Plants should not just sit on the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add some greenery to your space and wall nature. If you don’t like big water, you can choose a high-quality fake plant. Having a small little balcony garden where you can grow daily essentials such as mint, basil, and curry leaves. It will be just perfect. Also, you can easily get cheap but beautiful-looking vases from the banjara market in Delhi.

Go greener

11) Macramé Wall Art

Macramé wall art is my personal favorite lately. It was available in white and off-white only but now you can find it in multiple colors. You can get wall hangings, rugs, huge bad dream catchers, curtains, you name it and they have it in banjara market there is a whole collection dedicated to macramé.

Macramé Wall Art

12) Beaded Wall Art

This tapestry is made according to the Maasai beading tradition. The simplest black and white design are really attractive, these can be customized as per your preferences. The stunning pieces are handcrafted in Tanzania using glass beads from the Czech Republic.

Beaded Wall Art

13) Hang an oversized wall calendar

Having a calendar is pretty normal in Indian households, but what if we replace our small table calendar with an oversized wall calendar? Just like some regular art piece? It may attract the attention of some of you and t depends upon your needs if you like the idea of a huge calendar go for it.

wall calendar

14) A giant whiteboard or chalkboard

A large board is a perfect addition to your office, playroom, or even kitchen. Chalkboards give a rustic feel to any room, but whiteboards are a more modern alternative. You don’t have to stick to just white (there are many different shades and prints). You can take it to the next level and paint an entire wall with WriteWallPaint to create a writable surface.

A giant whiteboard or chalkboard

15) Create a basket wall

As shown in the picture below, hanging two wooden chair swings along with a crockery wall presentation with a mirror on the side, green plants freshen the place, and a white complimenting rug. What I feel is that this representation is a mix of pretty much everything that is mentioned above.

basket wall

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