15 Modular Kitchen Interior Ideas

The heart of our home is our kitchen. It’s where you spend most of your precious time cooking meals for family and friends. So having a functional kitchen where all your cooking equipment, cookware, and supplies are easily accessible will make your dining experience easy and comfortable. But with today’s cramped apartments, it’s hard to have the lavish kitchen of your dreams. Thus, modular kitchens were born by improving the functionality of kitchens of any size and shape.

Modular kitchens not only make your kitchen look sleek and stylish, but also provide additional storage and display space in places you couldn’t imagine. But everything good comes with a price, making most of us think about the interior of our dream kitchen. So, we have provided you with a complete breakdown of kitchen furniture costs so that you have a reasonable idea of ​​the expected budget that you should prepare before you step in to design your dream kitchen. So get ready to dive into stunning kitchen interiors.


This modular kitchen with stone-finished laminate cabinets features open-close cabinets and a small breakfast counter with a wall-mounted bar counter. Open box units on the upper cabinet help showcase your crockery and provide an extremely eye-catching look.  



This eclectic kitchen is designed with light-colored laminates to add a youthful glow to the space. Cabinets are kept to a minimum and excess wall space is used to add floating shelves, boxes,s and hooks for more display space.  



This budget-friendly U-shaped kitchen space is crafted with lightweight, wood-like panels to create a warm atmosphere. Upper and lower cabinets keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free while floating shelves provide ample display space for your bottles and jars. This kitchen is designed to be luxurious and minimalistic but still has a youthful appearance. 

Minimalist Light Wooden Kitchen


This simple U-shaped kitchen has a small breakfast bar where you can enjoy quick meals with friends and family. Innovative appliances like microwaves, multi-drawers, and handleless overhead cabinets help keep your counter clean and enhance your cooking experience. 

Smart Mechanism Kitchen Interior


This white and gold laminate kitchen adds pops of color to your space. It’s perfect for urban young couples. The open shelves on the upper cabinet are handy for storing all your pantry essentials. The drawers and drawers of the base unit are perfect for storing all your kitchen utensils in an organized manner.

Vibrant Urban Kitchen

Cost Of Mid-Range Kitchen Interiors

If you are looking for kitchen furniture with a bit of colour, mid-range kitchen furniture is the perfect choice for you. In this, you choose acrylic or glossy for your kitchen cabinets. Both are easy to maintain and provide a rich look. You can expect some overhead cabinets with frosted glass shutters to bring an elegant look to your kitchen instead of the usual ones. Basic parts for this range will include parallel drawers, oil drawers, barrel drawers, conveyor units, and shutter cabinets. The cost of the interior design of a mid-range kitchen with the above facilities will be in the range of $15,000- $25,000. 


This kitchen in Urban Greens is finished with sumptuous stone and high-gloss white laminates for a striking contrast. The wood cabinets with front frosted glass on the upper cabinets give the kitchen a classy look and blend in well with the interior. 



This high-gloss Shangrila red laminate kitchen exudes style and elegance. A pair of pendant lights above the breakfast counter illuminate the space and add a touch of jazz. Opt for high-gloss laminates if you want a classy look in your kitchen space.  


8) Crockery Unit on The Dado

This kitchen is designed in acrylic for a seamless look. The display cabinet in the dado area holds utensils and crockery, making it perfect for shorter people. The handle-free lids provide a clutter-free appearance, while the opening box on the base cabinet keeps items organized. 


This white and olive green acrylic kitchen adds a tropical vibe to your home. For some people, green is such a soothing color that brings peace to the mind so cooking in a place that brings peace to you. What can be better than that? The tall unit provides extra storage space for your dishes and appliances, while the handleless base and overhead cabinets make good use of the space, giving you a clutter-free cooking experience.  


This kitchen is designed with a combination of acrylic and laminates. We used a darker colour for the base cabinets because they are more prone to abrasion while the upper cabinets are lighter in colour to reflect enough light. But the highlight of this kitchen is the foldable dining table with hidden storage where you can store all your essentials and enjoy a meal with friends and family.  

Cost Of High-End Kitchen Interiors 

If you are looking for a high-end kitchen with all the latest modular mechanisms and luxurious finishes, the cost will be around $30,000 or more. You can choose cabinets with lacquer in this price range. Glossy glass is great for kitchens because it reflects maximum light and beautifully showcases your cooking space. They are easy to clean and maintain, and the gloss does not fade easily. You’ll also get a built-in cabinet with a push-open mechanism for easy access and smooth movement. In addition to the shutters and conveyor belts, drawers, and sliding doors mentioned above, you can also add columns, pull-out pantries, laundry racks, corner cabinets, and more.


This white and grey kitchen in Embassy Pristine, Bangalore is designed with lacquered glass to create a spacious space. The white colour gives your kitchen a spacious look while the lacquered glass reflects the light beautifully. The sturdy chimney and built-in hob help keep your kitchen clean and oil-free,  perfect for professionals who love home-cooked meals.


This gorgeous kitchen in Duco is finished with a sophisticated blend of classic and modern. The appliance garage, sturdy fireplace, and modern storage mechanism add ultra-modern appeal while the decorative handles add a regal touch to the space, striking the perfect balance between elegance and modernity. modern and traditional vibes. 


This kitchen comes with awesome mechanics like a magic corner, a pull-out pantry, an appliance garage, and handleless top and bottom cabinets. The cross-lift lid on the upper cabinet helps keep all necessary spice bottles and utensils within reach and contributes to a seamless cooking experience. 


This L-shaped kitchen is designed with two tones to create a striking contrast. Upper and lower cabinets offer a variety of storage and display solutions, while lower cabinets with frosted glass fronts bring an elegant look to your space.  

15) A lavish modular kitchen with modern amenities

This large kitchen comes with plenty of storage options in the upper and lower units. The kitchen island can be used as a dining table to entertain guests while preparing meals, while the wall-mounted bar cabinet is the perfect place to showcase your wine collection and elevate the kitchen design.

As we have reached the very bottom of this blog, I’m pretty sure you might have had a clear idea of what can be done to give your kitchen a makeover that you would want as well as what will be suitable as per the spacing availability. These ideas aren’t only pleasing to the eyes but also will be pleasant to your pocket. A modular kitchen is the best option to opt for as it not only looks sleek and petite but also provides you with enough storage space to store all of your kitchen essentials. although it’s always best to contact an interior designer to help you out with the design that you would want for your home. Having an expert’s advice will always bring the best as they have enough knowledge and practicality.

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