15 Accent Walls You Will Want In Your Home

Finally, Accent walls are back in the game after a very long time, and they are the best in trend. By blending color, texture, and tone, some phenomenal ideas can be brought out that will enhance the centerpiece. We got you the top 15 ideas for an accent wall for your home.  

But before getting into that, we have a question for you, Does the idea of bright paint all over your house scare you to your very core? Or Does wild wallpaper make you feel claustrophobic? 

If you feel like this at any point just remember that It’s time to change all that with the humble accent wall. This is to say, Experiment with the colors, different materials, and patterns on your walls without fully committing to changing the foundations of the room. Accent walls transform a room instantly which is a great advantage, alongside they can help you to change the vibe of your whole house, which you may agree with or not but we all need it at one point. It sounds like it would throw your symmetry off balance, but it simply adds a touch of dimension and style. 

Now let us look at some of the best designer-approved accent wall designs. 

Are Accent Walls old-fashioned?

Accent walls aren’t outdated, but the latest iteration is much more than the single shades that were popular in the past. The walls use patterned wallpaper, interesting materials, murals, textured surfaces, etc. “And even when using colors, you can choose groups of tones rather than a single color.” Creativity is the key to a contemporary accent wall.”

 Which wall should be the accent wall? Choosing the right wall for your accent wall is important. There is no hard and fast rule as to which wall it should be, but it is often the wall opposite the door to the room. If you use this wall, you will immediately see it, so it has a great impact. It may also be the wall that stands out most when you’re sitting (or lying down).

1. Stick-On Style

We all want an affordable yet super long-lasting material. In other words, we look for quality, not quantity. Speaking of stick-on style is one of the best, most easily accessible, and super affordable options for an accent wall design.

Stick-On Style Interior

2. Natural Brick

Natural brick once went viral it looks so raw and appealing that it is way too hard to take your eyes off it. Small little bricks are pasted upon the wall giving it an old classic Brickey look. Natural bricks save a lot of time and effort and it also gives you the liberty to choose the shade of the bricks. How dainty do you want it to be, should it be glossy or matt?

Natural Brick Interior

3. Thin Wood Panelling

Designed by Studio Shamsiri, the thin custom black walnut wood paneling in this breakfast nook softens the white walls and the concrete floor that surrounds them. Custom blue pillows add a pop of color to that. Also, let’s clear a myth, the accent wall can be brought up in a living room or dining room too it’s not only for the bedroom.

Thin Wood Panelling Interior

4. Display Your Heirlooms

If you’re wondering what to do with your grandma’s old china straight out of the box, this is it. Plates, silver, and china in all shapes, sizes, and colors can create accent walls like no other. Dining rooms and kitchens are the natural places for this look, but it works anywhere in the house. Plus: Use aluminum mesh for quick drywall repairs

Display Your Heirlooms Interior

5. Cosy Stone

Having your house fully covered in stone not only sounds cool, but it also looks cool it feels damn cool. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing look for your home this is the one for you. It’s beautiful, cozy for sure, and pleasant to the eyes.

Cosy Stone Interior

6. Just a Splash

Natural stone is one of the most expensive surface materials that can be bought in terms of money. To highlight your beautiful stone while keeping costs down, simply use an accent wall. In this Tamsyn Johnson-designed kitchen, all eyes are on the smoky purple swirls on the walls.

Just a Splash Interior

7. Hidden Door

“Moments, more than looks, best describe the positive impact of a home. The ultimate moment experienced at Magnolia House is the slow and graceful staircase of the new sculpture, the metaphorical backbone of both the home and the project. It’s about getting down to it.” says designers Arent & Pyke. The jib door continues here with paneling painted baby blue, providing additional storage space while keeping the visual flow unobstructed.

Hidden Door Interior

8. Statement Mural

If your formal dining room is also your everyday dining area, invest in items that provide both form and function. In this studio DB-designed space, the built-in velvet benches are cozy and comfortable, yet look elegant. Unusual lighting and beautiful wallpaper are easy ways to add personality without taking up too much space. It’s not as stately as de Gurney wallpaper, but it’s expensive so you don’t have to cover every wall.

Statement Mural Interior

9. Geometric Design

If you want to make a bold statement with your accent wall, a geometric design with multiple colors is also an option. The unique geometric pattern adds fun to your child’s playroom or serves as the focal point behind your desk at the office. Using paints and stencils, you can easily create DIY geometric walls.

Geometric Design Interior

10. Use paint and display

A feature wall can also be a three-dimensional display that combines all the components to form a harmonious whole. Here, the shelves and walls are painted in the same rich color to create a seamless base layer. When arranging your work, choose frames of the same size and color to keep your work together. Framing black-and-white or tonal prints and photos are a fail-safe finish that contrasts beautifully with nearly any color.

Use Paint and Disply Interior

11. Three-tonal colours

We often talk about using two colors on the wall, but what about three colors? 

“As long as you choose a trio that works well together because they belong to the same color family, you’ll do just fine. Complement it with matching items like throw pillows, blinds, and artwork,” 

Three-Tonal Colors Interior

12. Play with a pattern

Patterns are not just only the oldest art forms but also the safest art form which helps you to enhance the beauty of any object on which it is applied. Speaking of wall art pattern is extremely cool and raw, if nothing, then at least pattern helps to bring out the creative you.

Once you find a wallpaper you like, choose it and mix and match the patterns in your room. Add character to your home and help zone large or open spaces. Use the sample for a while to make sure you are happy with it before committing.

Play With A Pattern Interior

13. Touch of gold

Teal is a statement color and should be treated as such. Use it to add beauty, drama, and grandeur to a room rather than using it as part of a supporting role. Combine with metallics to make the nuances of color stand out more.

14. Rethinking tile placement

It’s time to move the tile beyond the backsplash and into a full-height feature in its own right.

For a statement design, use interesting patterns, bold color choices, unusual shapes, or a combination of all three to command attention in your kitchen. You can create a prominent area in a busy space. The glossy glaze creates a striking contrast, especially when paired with a matte kitchen finish. Add an extra element of surprise and surprise by lining up characteristic walls in unexpected places such as hallways or above chimneys.

Re-thinking Tile Placement Interior

15. The new plate display

The gallery wall idea is a great take on the accent wall. Choose an unusual but decorative wall display. This simple yet effective dining room wall is as simple as it gets. Natural textures and patterns bring white walls to life, and the group graces the dining area.

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