9 Balcony Decoration Ideas For Home

If you feel like your balcony is too basic, we brought you some of the best ideas to renovate it in a way that brings the beautiful ray of sunlight into your lives. Having a big fat budget isn’t the one thing you must have. A balcony is one of the most important and not only important but also beautiful parts of the home. It’s a place where you get your daily dose of sunshine and unwind after a tiring day. Your balcony gives you a warm and welcoming feeling, which takes away all your worries and positively pushes you towards spending more time in the fresh air. The more we see urbanization happening, the more people get a tiny bit of a square piece which is also too hard to get so in this condition if you are blessed with a balcony what can be better than that? 

Terrace balcony with seating table and flower

List of Balcony Decoration Ideas:

1) Employ space-saving accessories

We usually don’t have huge balconies, but decorating even a small piece of land not only gives us happiness but it also provides positive healthy vibes which take you to hang out there, chill there, and work there, out of these we got this little balcony we see above, a planter table has also been corporated into a laptop table. Which provides you with enough spacing a good view and a great environment

outdoor balcony with chair and planter table

2) Measure first, buy later

Spacing matters, just imagine if you bought a wooden planter panel that looks nice but occupies a lot of space destroying all of the beauty of your balcony. Similarly, before rushing into any more furniture, calculate what works best for you, what must be considered to put there, and what not.

Photograph of small balconies

3) Use natural materials

Instead of using fake plastic planters we can use real plants in ceramic pots or can use terracotta-made art pieces. It is a fact that nothing is better than having wood furniture in your home. By following these small little steps you can be close to nature as much as possible. In our honest opinion, the more we avoid elements like plastic the better it will be.

Balcony Plants

4) Attach planters to the balcony railing

Having planters decorated n the balcony is one of the best ways to decorate the balcony in an inexpensive way that looks super attractive too. If you are one of those who has tons of planters, we don’t know if you have noticed yet but when people pass by they just look up to your planters and a positive feeling comes from within. So if a small little plant is capable of spreading happiness then we can consider planters as a great option.

Balcony with stunning tall plants

5) Connect the indoors to outdoors

A  smart way to make your small balcony look a lot bigger in terms of the area is by simply creating an illusion. To make it not only bigger but also feel bigger the best way to do so is to connect the outside with the inside. One way to achieve this is by installing glass doors as well as using a similar colour scheme both inside and outside.

Kitchen patio door

6) Make use of angles

Turn that graceless balcony corner into a smashing-looking balcony by simply installing nothing but a hammock on the balcony. Since winters are on their way, you can enjoy the beautiful morning sunshine while resting in a hammock. Sunbathing is important, feel lucky enough if the sun steps into your house, and if it does then take full advantage of it.

Outdoor balcony table and chair patio

7) Colouring it up

Adding colours can change the whole vibe. Different colours speak for different personalities. If your balcony is the place where everyone loves to hang out, especially children, then your balcony deserves to be the vibrant one here. The moment you add colours you are unknowingly adding more reasons to happiness it works as a therapeutic activity. Now you might be wondering –  how can I add the “COLOURS ”. Colours can be added in the form of anything, taking the photograph shown above as a reference, adding colourful planters is a way to go, you can add different flowers or even a painted vase, or put up small ornaments on the table, pairing cushions with beautiful covers with the bench. There is so much that you can do.

Outdoor balcony with balcony plant, sofa, table and colorful view

8) Light it up

An additional classic way to beautify your balcony is by turning your balcony into a  fairytale, it sounds so unrealistic but isn’t a cozy paradise with a light sound like a fairytale to you? Use fairy lights, candles, and tiki torches to decorate your balcony. Just imagine how beautiful it will look in the winter. If it snows at your place it will be an actual fairy tale. This can be the most romantic place to be in without even stepping out of your house.

Light bulb around plant

9) Spruce up the flooring

Flooring plays an important role in making your balcony a walk-in paradise! Instead of keeping the usual tile flooring, make use of a fake grass carpet to get the feeling of nature. Every time you step into the balcony, it feels great that you can be barefoot arranging a small balcony picnic with your family. As we mentioned earlier, it is a great place to sunbathe. Many people love their balcony more than their house as nowadays all we see in close structures which to some people is not appealing at all and when they get a balcony to be in, they just wish to be in as much as they can because who doesn’t like the open air and a beautiful sunrise.

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